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- Please ensure that both the electrical wiring and the power socket are capable to bear the electrical load. Ideally, there should be an independent circuit from the Electric Supply meter to the Air Conditioner laid.

- Always plug an air conditioner into a three-pin plug pint with proper earthing.

- Please ensure that your Air Conditioner is not plugged into an extension box. It should be plugged into an outlet that is meant for a large appliance and can handle the load.

- You should get your air Conditioner cleaned and inspected before summer.

- Please ensure routine maintenance checks during the summer such as regularly changing or cleaning filters.

- Please do not let heat build up and then attempt to cool areas immediately by turning the controls to maximum settings. Start units early and cool areas gradually.

- Please close blinds and curtains on the east and west sides of your home to block out the sun.

- Please put off all lights, fans etc which are not required to run.

- Please keep the condenser unit free of debris

- Please switch off the AC when the room is not occupied by anyone.

- Please arrange for regular maintenance of the Air Conditioner. Please Call 4466 4466 for maintenance assistance.

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