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  • "THE" ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT is offered to the customers who are located within the Greater Hyderabad limits. However customers located outside the Greater Hyderabad limits, has to bring the product to "THE" service center at his/her own cost to avail services under this contract. However, only in case of AC Products installed beyond the Greater Hyderabad limit, all the to and fro travelling charges and incidental expenses as prevailing from time to time incurred in connection with the visit of "THE" MAN, shall be borne by the customer in case the customer wants to enter into this contract.
  • This contract is not transferable and shall cover the Product here in only at the location mentioned herein, subject however to clause no: 4 and this contract shall cease forthwith if the customer ceases to be the owner of the set.  
    In the event of contract rate being paid by cheque, the contract shall commence subject to realization of the cheque and from the date of realization and acceptance of the terms of the contract in writing by the customer thereof”.
  • A strong HR policy governs the organization and is being set to ensure complete employee satisfaction.
  • In the event of any changes in address, the customer must inform "THE" two weeks in advance giving full details of his new address. In such cases, "THE" shall continue to provide service to the customer’s Product at his new address provided the changed location in the city or town with in the defined territory of "THE" service center. If the customer for any reason whatsoever fails to inform "THE" about his changes in the address, "THE" shall not be responsible and/or liable for the consequences arising there from.
  • "THE" undertakes to perform the following services as a part of its obligation under this agreement through any of its out lets:
    •    i).Corrective and remedial maintenance as may be decided from time to time by "THE".
    •    ii).Service to rectify malfunctioning of the Product as and when required.
    •    iii).Spare Parts, components, refrigerant etc will be replaced at special price in case required for normal operation of the product.
    •    iv).Preventive Maintenance services will be provided as per the pre-set policy of
    • "THE".
  • The quoted charges for spares are based on the prevailing rates of taxes, duties and levies-both Central and local. In case any statutory change in these the same shall be to the customer's account.
  • All defective components shall be replaced with working parts and defective parts shall be a property of "THE" at all times.
  • The Customer confirms that the Products is not more that Five years old from the date of first purchase.
  • In case the product is more that 5 years old, then an inspection by our "THE" MAN is mandatory before entering into contract.
  • No dead product will be taken under the contract. In such case the said product will be repaired by "THE" on charge basis and then the same can be taken under the contract if the customer desires to do so. Hence, in a nutshell, before entering into contract the product should be in working conditions.
  • If "THE" is of the opinion that the servicing of the Product shall be done at the service center, then the Product shall be transported to the said service center for servicing and cost of transport shall be borne by the customer.
  • Damage to the product or any parts due to transportation /shifting is not covered under this contract.
  • The Customer shall not directly or indirectly, during the subsistence of the contract, open, alert or tamper with or in any way do any act which would result in alterations, and or changes in the internal operations of the Products.
  • During the pendency of this contract the customer shall not entrust the service of the said Product to any outside agency or personal other than the "THE" without prior written approval of the company.
  • While every effort shall be made by "THE" to give preferential attention to emergency breakdown of the product, "THE" can never be held responsible for any loss arising out of non-functioning of the said product.
  • Repeat failure of a product under contract will be repaired by "THE" MAN whenever it is required but "THE" or "THE" MAN cannot be held responsible for such occurrence.
  • This contract does not include any kind of software support or installation. "THE" shall not be responsible for damage to, or loss of, any programs, data or removable storage media including any consequential loss or damage.
  • In case of any refrigerator repair, where "THE" needs to carry out gas charging at customer’s place, additional transportation charges of Rs 200 will charged for taking the gas charging vehicle (specially designed to do this sophisticated job at the site) to the site.
  • Contract is not extended to the accessories connected to the product like Stabilizer, UPS & Consumables like printer heads, ribbons, toners, inkjet cartridges etc.
  • The Liability of "THE" under this contract is restricted to problem arising out of the normal functioning of the set and the Contract does not cover the malfunctioning of the Products or damages caused due to external signal feeding sources like VCD, DVD, VCR, Video camera etc., external factors, electrical short circuit faulty electronics fittings, faulty cable connections, non-standard cable TV transmission, accidents, fire theft, riots, Acts of God, voltage fluctuations, pests, acts of Governmental authorities, strikes or any Labour disputes, causes beyond "THE" reasonable control etc.
  • Not withstanding anything to the contrary under this Contract, "THE" liability under this Contract is restricted to ensure that the Product is under good working order and "THE" shall incur no other liability, whether expressed or implied.
  • On termination of this contract, "THE" obligation under this Contract ceases in it’s entirely. The Customer may enter into fresh Contract with "THE" if "THE" is satisfied that the Product is in a maintainable and serviceable state and in such case all cost of inspection, time and material to bring the Product to a maintainable state will be charged by "THE" to the Customer. The decision of "THE" on whether the Product is in a maintainable state or not is final and binding on both parties to the Contract.
  • "THE" shall NOT be liable or deemed to be under default or failure in performance when such failure of default arises directly or indirectly from causes beyond its reasonable control including delay in servicing due to non availability of any components, parts, and/or accessories and/or if "THE" is prevented from performing its obligation under this contract.
  • In no event, whether as a result of a breach of contract, Warranty, tort or otherwise, shall "THE" total liability to the customer for any or all loss or damage arising out of or resulting from this Contract exceed the price of service which gives rise to the claims. "THE" shall also not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages on account of any alleged breach of contract.
  • In the event of the Customer’s failure to accept and/or take delivery of the set after servicing, "THE" shall be entitled to recover from the customer demurrage changes. In which case the Customer shall be entitled to collect the set only upon payment of the demurrage charges.
  • If the Customer fails to collect and/or accept delivery of the Product within 3 months from the date of receipt thereof, at "THE" service center, "THE" shall be entitled to dispose the said Product in any manner as may be deemed fit and proper by the service centre.
  • Decision of the "THE" will be final in all regards and will be accepted by the customer.
  • Acceptance/renewal of the Contract after expiry will be at the discretion of "THE" only .
  • In case the customer want to discontinue the contract before the completion of the said period, no refund of unexpired period will be made by "THE" to customer.
  • Under no circumstances, "THE" is liable to replace the customer’s product.
  • The customer must ensure the following:
    •    ii) The air filter is cleaned at regular intervals.(A/C-comp)
    •    iii) Set is not opened by any person other than authorized "THE" MAN. (Application for all products.)

  • Disputes, if any, shall be exclusively at Hyderabad jurisdiction only.
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