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1. What type of cable do I need to connect the printer to my computer?
Ans:     Printers can be connected in a number of ways; however the two most common methods of connection are through a printer cable or through a USB cable. Printer cables generally have a 25-pin male connector on one end (DB25) and a centronix 36-pin male connector on the other. The DB25 connects with the parallel port on your system, while the centronix goes into the printer. Many new printers have a USB plug in addition to the standard centronix 36-pin connector. With these printers a standard A to B USB cable can be used instead of a printer cable to achieve faster throughput. Printer can be connected with RJ45 Cable as a networking printer.

2. What's the difference between bi-directional and IEEE?
Ans:     All printer cables these days are bi-directional. IEEE is an enhancement to bi-directional. IEEE allows simultaneous reception and sending of signal between the printer and the computer. Some newer models of printers require IEEE cables. Check out your printer manual to decide whether IEEE is required. IEEE printer cables are back-compatible and will work with any bi-directional printers. However, bi-directional cables are not good enough for printers that require IEEE cables.

3. What should I do with my empty toner cartridge?
Ans:     The best thing to do with cartridges when you are done is to send them to a place that does cartridge remanufacturing. Often the manufacturer will do this, sometimes with no cost to ship the cartridge back. It is also good to check your local listings for places that specialize in this service. These places will often have remanufactured cartridges for sale, and may even give you a little bit for your empty cartridges. Simple refilling of toner is not recommended as toner itself is very messy and there are other parts that should be replaced regularly in the cartridge. Shacking the Empty cartridges up and down will make the drum filled with some cartridge powder, which in turn will increase the print pages.

4. How do I set the default printer? (Windows 9x)?
Ans:     Go to the Printers menu by going to: Start -> Settings -> Printers. To set the default printer, right click the icon for the printer you want as the default. On the menu that comes up select set as default.

5. I want sharp prints. What should I look for?
Ans:     The term you want to look for is the Resolution. It is given in DPI. HP: "DPI refers to the number of dots of ink that the printer can lay down in a line one inch long. This measure of text and image quality provides a standard for comparison: the general perception is that the higher the number, the sharper the output will be." Other factors like dot placement, and special printer features may also come into play as well. It is good to research your potential purchase. Make sure the printer is not in Economode in printer settings.

6. My printer won't print. What could be causing it?
Ans:     A number of things can cause your printer not to print. Ask the following questions:
     Is the printer plugged in?
     Is the printer online? Many printers have an On-line LED/LCD and button. If the printer isn't online it will not print.
     Is the Ink cartridge or Toner cartridge full? Some newer printers will stop working completely if they detect an empty cartridge. Most will at least give a warning.
     Does it have paper? Be sure the paper is installed correctly, and there is enough for your print job. Most printers can detect when they are out of paper. When using form-fed paper it is possible to get an out of paper message if you do not have the paper inserted aligned correctly.
     Is there a paper jam? Paper jam will stop a print job in mid-stride. When you get your printer always read the manual on how to clear a paper jam. There are many parts that can be damaged inside your printer by being rough while clearing a paper jam. This is especially true with laser printers.
     Is the printers' memory full or corrupted? Try turning off the printer for a couple of minutes, and turning it back on.
     Make printer spooler up and Ready.
     Check on the printer jet direct direct card whether RJ45 cable LED on Card is blinking, if not then hardware problem has occurred.

7. The DeskJet of my printer stopped printing in the middle of a print document; the amber light is flashing but not printing. What is the cause?
Ans:     The Amber light is designated as the "Ink Error" light. With regards any inkjet printer, the Amber light is indicating that one of the Ink Cartridges (Tri-Color/Black) is empty, defective, unrecognizable, or just simply needs to be changed. The procedure is; lift up the front cover, look at the Black Ink Cartridge, and examine the Ink Level Window on the Cartridge, located at the center of the Cartridge. If the square window appears to be a solid Green then that means the cartridge is completely full. If it is Half Green/Half Black then it is indicating that the cartridge is half way full, and if the square window is completely Black, then the cartridge is completely empty. Also, remove and examine the Tri-Color Cartridge. If the Tri-Color Cartridge feels very light or if the Tri Colors on the bottom of the Cartridge appear to be discolored i.e. All Magenta, All Cyan, or All Yellow, then the Cartridge should immediately be changed. After replacing the Black or Tri-Color Cartridge, your printers Green Power Light will flash and allow you to continue your print job.

8. My printer is printing documents and the documents have a dark shadow in the background, but the text is clear?
Ans:     The Drum unit needs to be changed. The photoconductor inside the drum unit has wear on it, and as a result, documents that print have a shadowy background. In the Brother series the product number for the toner begins with TN and the drum begins with DR.

9. The display is reading "41.3 unexpected paper size". What does it mean?
Ans:     "41.3 Unexpected Paper Size" means that the paper size you are trying to print is not the same as the settings on the tray. Basically, you are is sending a print document/job to the printer and the paper size that you selected from your computer was not the same size that is configured in the printer. To fix this, you must first determine what paper size you have selected from your Print Screen. Then you must go to your printer and push the "Menu" button until you see "Printing Menu" displayed in the window. Then push the "Item" button until you see "Paper = Legal (for example)". If "Paper = Legal" is displayed in the window and you selected "Letter" from your computer then you all you need to do is push the "Value" button until you see "Letter" in the display window and then push the "Select" button to * (Star it) and now the printer will be configured for "Letter" instead of "Legal".

10. The Color LaserJet of my printer has a paper jam around the exit area. What do I do?
Ans:     Try removing the paper from the Exit (open the rear door pull the paper softly with your hands pointing at the end tips of the paper ) and switch on the printer, if the paper jam persists, switch off the printer open the top cover of the printer, remove the toner cartridge and see whether any paper is stuck inside the printer, if yes remove the paper softly, if no then a hardware problem has occurred. Contact "THE MAN".
     All-in-One Fax, Scanner, Copier, and Printer make's a line down the middle of the pages only when making copies. When printing, the pages come out clear.
      The line that is being produced on the copies is caused by some sort of debris that is normally found in the ADF glass scanner area. The types of debris known to have been found in the area are: Dried Liquid Paper (which can be removed with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth), Staples, and Paper Clips. Removing these items will clear up the copies being produced.

11. My printer has a blank display. The printer powers on, but there is nothing in the window. What is happening?
Ans:     To correct this problem, the printer may only require a firmware update. The manufacturer often has links to firmware updates, and it only requires a download utility driver to update the firmware.

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