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1. My TV does not turn on when I switch it on. Why?
Ans:     Make sure the power cord is plugged in.

2. The picture is clear, but there is no sound.
Ans:     The mute button of the TV may be on.

3. The picture is not clear. What do I do?
Ans:     The contrast, color and tint may be incorrectly adjusted.

4. Why does the Spots/lines appear on the screen?
Ans:     The broadcast signal may be jammed by other electrical sources, such as cars, motorcycles, high tension lines, neon signs, hair dryers, other TV receivers, personal computers, and TV games, as well as interference from radio stations.

5. Double images or ghosts appear on the TV screen. What do I do?
Ans:     Interference may be due to broadcast waves reflected from mountains or buildings. Check if the direction of the antenna is changed.

6. Snowy pictures or a blank screen appear when I switch on my TV. Help!
Ans:     The antenna may be falling out or disconnected. Check if the direction of the antenna is changed.

7. Why the remote control does not work?
Ans:     The batteries may be exhausted or improperly installed. Check if there are any obstacles between the remote control and the remote (infra red) receiver. Check if there is strong light interference around the remote receiver. Check if the main power is on.

8. What is a clacking noise inside the receiver?
Ans:     This may result from the expansion of the shell caused by temperature change. This will not affect the picture and sound quality.

9. There is uneven color in a certain portions of the screen. What should I do?
Ans:     If the picture is too bright, this may occur according to the nature of the pictures. Reduce the contrast, it may resume to normal.

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